Noise Resistance – Russian dark electro/ebm/industrial music act created by Art B. in 2012. For live shows, it consists of Art B. himself on vocals and Andy on keyboards.

The band from Yekaterinburg became one of the leaders of the Russian dark scene, breaking into the listeners’ playlists with their first full-length album “Slaves & Passion” in 2017.

But the group formed its corporate sound in 5 years of searching: starting with industrial and power noise on the debut EP, called Noise Resistance, and going through a huge layer of written author material and versions of versions sometimes to absolutely unexpected groups (Dark Tranquillity, Depeche Mode, Abandon All Ships, etc.), Art B and Andy came to the ideal formula for his work is dance beats, acid synthesizers and texts that harshly criticize modern society and modern man.

After the debut album was released, the group began to actively tour, giving more than 20 concerts in many cities of Russia. And also becoming a support group for touring European projects Larva and Cygnosic.

In 2020, the band released a second full-length album, called “Insights Of Ego”, made remix for german dark electro band SynthAttack.

In 2021 the band completes its third full-length album “Stripped”. It will be released on the label Advoxya Records